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       Welcome to Golden Age 

About our Products

Here at Gold-age Motor Technology Corp. Ltd. we specialize in a wide range of products. These products include high performance GK6 series AC servo motors, GM7 series AC VF servo (main spindle) motors and servo motor drives. Our motors are used in a wide range of applications including machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, machines for manufacturing building materials, robotics, radar systems and artillery, etc. We specialize in custom design and engineered motors to suit specific applications. If you are looking for a custom product please contact our knowledgeable engineers. 

About the Golden Age Experience

They will be able to lead you from the initial development to finalization of your specific needs. Our years of experience and expertise in motor development mean fast results. Our design phase to production phase is superior in the industry! Also note that each and every one of our motors is available with a wide range of customer specified options.  As you browse through our website please take the time to view the detailed information on our motors in PDF format.  If you need more information feel free to contact us by telephone or by e-mail.  We look forward to assisting you with your questions!

About our Site

Thanks for your visit! Please note that our site uses Flash Technology. Our catalogue is viewable in Adobe Acrobat format. 

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